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Quick Tips

Be sure to check out the Quick Tips section for helpful hints on how to make Apple's Final Cut Studio easier to use.

Tutorial Requests

Please contact me if you have any requests for specific Motion tutorials, or if you have a tutorial you'd like to submit.

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Video Wall*NEW* Cityscape Pt. 1

Building True 3D objects

Learn how to make a 3D cityscape out of true 3D objects that you can arrange and then fly around with a 3D camera. Techniques featured are: Replicators, 3D cameras, shape tool.

Video WallReplicator Video Wall

3D Video Monitor Effect

Learn how to create a stylistic monitor wall with a different piece of video playing in each monitor. Also learn how 3D cameras and camera behaviors work. Techniques featured are: 3D cameras, Replicators, Drop Zones, clones.

Video WallHeart Rate Monitor

Building an EKG graphic

This tutorial takes you through the steps of creating a heart monitor graphic (also known as an EKG). I'm using Motion 3.0.2. Techniques featured are: Paint Stroke Tool, Shape Styles, Keyframe Edit tool.

Video WallStar Wars Title Crawl

For Fanboys/Girls everywhere

This tutorial builds arguably one the most famous title sequences in film history from scratch. It focuses on accuracy to the original title crawl from Star Wars. Techniques featured are: Particles, vector graphics, 3D camera.

Video WallRotating Earth

Earth as viewed from space

Learn how to create a round, rotating planet Earth from NASA images. Techniques featured are: Sphere filter, lights, masking.